Meet Brendan Dalton

Azuka snagged the chance to ask a few Failure: A Love Story related questions of our cast and crew.
So…without further ado…

Meet Brendan Dalton (John N. Fail)

What is your favorite time of day?

I love the dawn. There is something so calming about waking up before the rest of the world, and being completely overtaken by the stillness and the silence of the morning twilight.

Nap time is a winner as well. We’re starting to get reacquainted again, and it’s just wonderful.

Describe one thing you had to share with your siblings.

Sharing was a funny thing growing up with my brother, Sean. It seemed like everything I had, he wanted. And everything he had, I wanted. And we weren’t very good at having one thing at the same time, peacefully. I remember when my brother was going through his skateboarding phase… Guess who also had to have a skateboard: Brendan, the trumpet-playing chorus nerd. Though I think I ended up using it more as a luge than as an actual skateboard. I also remember using it as a sidewalk sled when I was still small enough to be tugged around by my puppy, Seamus.

There’s actually still a running joke between me and my brother about our sharing dilemma. I used to always find him wearing clothes that would mysteriously go missing from my closet, and he would try to convince me the items never belonged to me in the first place. Eventually, he told me I should just take it as a compliment on my “style”. Now every time I see him he always finds time to say, “Hey Brendan, nice shirt. Can I have it?”

What is one other book, film, song, or work of art that reminds you of ‘Failure’ and why?

The Royal Tenenbaums is one of my favorite films. And Wes Anderson is one of my favorite writers. I think there are quite a few similarities in these two works. Both writers really have an interesting and similar approach to telling stories, which I’m personally very drawn to, and both pieces also have very distinct and dark senses of humor, which I’m also very fond of. Also, there happen to be a few similarities between my character and Luke Wilson’s character inTenenbaums. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

What is your favorite moment when working on a new production?

I love the first read-thru. I love hearing other people’s voices instead of my own, bringing the piece to life for the first time. There’s something sort of sacred about that first read – probably the first real moment of unity in the process, where you’re all truly on the same page (pun kind of intended). And you can feel it completely.

I also love getting the piece on its feet. Once you’re up on your feet, it feels like a million possibilities have just opened themselves up to you. You don’t have to think so much anymore. You just get to try things and it fully becomes an exploration.

Any childhood pets?

Oh boy, I hope I remember them all… Five goldfish whose names have escaped me. Three hermit crabs: Spike 1, Spike 2, and Crabby (I got to name that last one). One hamster named Skippy, who loved shirt pockets and yogurt drops. Two parakeets named Sunshine and Rainbow (Sunshine was mine, Rainbow was Sean’s). Two rabbits, Thumper and Lily (a dwarf rabbit), who just loved hopping up and down stairs (though Lily never quite got the hang of it, being small and all). And one very dear friend, brother, and canine named Seamus.

Also, I now have two blueberry dwarf hamsters, Plop and Mervyn, living with me in my South Philly apartment.

Brendan Dalton (John N.)

Brendan Dalton (John N.)


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