Meet Amanda Sharp

Azuka snagged the chance to ask a few Failure: A Love Story related questions of our cast and crew.
So…without further ado…

Meet Amanda Sharp (Costume Designer)

What is your favorite time of day?

Very early morning, around 4 am, when it’s still dark, but the birds start to wake up and greet the day.

Describe one thing you had to share with your siblings.

Only child, and I don’t know that I share very well.

What is one other book, film, song, or work of art that reminds you of ‘Failure’ and why?

The Peasall Sisters.*  They’re three sisters who sing folk music in beautiful 3 part harmony.  They are reminiscent of the place between dreams and reality much like the Fail Girls themselves. They have a haunting quality to their voices, and they seem of another place and time, which works well with the theme of memory and surrealism that we focused on so heavily while in process.

*Azuka Note: Here’s a link to YouTube for a video of the Peasall Sisters –

What is your favorite moment when working on a new production?

More than anything else, I really love doing research.  Image research specifically.  I think feeling inspired is my favorite sensation, and when I do research, it gets really intense.  I hoard images of other people from other times, in old photographs or fashion plates. I bookmark what’s de mode in sub-sub cultures, and I rip out photo-editorials from big, thick, fashion magazines.  All the images help me see this person coming to life inside my mind.  Then it needs to be talked over and actualized.  It’s the most fun for me.

Any childhood pets?

I had a cat named Keke, I found her under the Christmas tree when I was two.  We were best friends, siblings even, and oh man did we love each other.  I used to cut baby doll clothes to fit her and push her around in a stroller.  Any cat that sticks around after that deserves sainthood. We were best friends until she died in 2009

I also had a Leopard Spotted gecko named Rizzo in fourth grade and my mom killed her by accident by leaving the window open on a cool spring day so that Rizzo could “Get some air”.  She froze.

Amanda Sharp (Costume Designer)

Amanda Sharp (Costume Designer)


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