5 Questions Inspired by Tigers Be Still with Anna Zaida Szapiro

We asked the cast and crew of Tigers Be Still to answer 5 questions inspired by the play. Here’s how Anna Zaida Szapiro, who plays Sherry, responded. 
1) What is a movie that you could watch over and over again? 
My gut says A League of Their Own. It isn’t perfect (All-The-Way May? definitely did not understand that as a small child), but it’s a standby for sure. Don’t drop the ball, Dottie, don’t do it!
2) Which TOP GUN character do you most identify with and why? 
Maverick. Just kidding. 
3) How do you take care of yourself after a break up? 
Blast Robyn. And Roberta Flack. And Jewel. What?
4) Describe your first job.
Oh man. I definitely spent a summer chauffeuring this amazing 9-year-old whose speech impediment made him speak with a British accent. Adorable. We played a lot of Stratego and Super Mario Kart. First payroll job? Office clerk in a gynecologist’s office. Let’s just say I never went back to that doctor again. Ever. 
5) Have you ever been up close and personal with a wild animal? How did it go for you?
I consider house cats wild animals, so yes. It went horribly.

Anna is a Philadelphia-based actor and devised theatre artist. Since moving to Philly in 2011, she has collaborated as a performer/creator in original works by companies including No Face Performance Group (From the Swamp to the Stars, PIFA), Hybridge Arts Collective (The Travelers), and Fur Collective (Scout, Philly Fringe). Other recent credits include The Renegade Company, New Paradise Laboratories, and The Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre. Anna holds a BA in Art History from Wesleyan University in Connecticut and is a graduate of Headlong Performance Institute. Up next: Mixed Connections and Other Curiosities at Simpatico Theatre Project.


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