Meet Allison Heishman

Azuka snagged the chance to ask a few Failure: A Love Story related questions of our cast and crew.
So…without further ado…

Meet Allison Heishman (Director)

What is your favorite time of day?

Dusk. Whenever I catch myself outside during the easy shift from day into night it floods me with relief.









Describe one thing you had to share with your siblings.

I’m the oldest, with three younger brothers. We are, all of us, wildly different, which is both more and less noticeable now that we are older. I was really lucky growing up that we had this great neighborhood of kids that would play together out and about the woods that surrounded our house. Sometimes it was hard to share those friends and moments with each other, and sometimes it was the best thing in the world.

What is one other book, film, song, or work of art that reminds you of ‘Failure’ and why?

We talked a lot about Edward Gorey and Lemony Snickett. I listened to some wonderful music from the period and got lost in beautiful images of light and water and time. But there was this one contemporary song that kept popping into my head, that ended up having a real connection to the tone and simplicity of our production, Lulu and the Lampshades – You’re Gonna Miss Me

What is your favorite moment when working on a new production?

It’s different for me every time, for this show it was the first stumble through that we did at the end of our first week of rehearsal. We had packed a lot of work into week one and I know I for one was feeling a little lost at sea, seeing everything beginning to come together was a great feeling.











Any childhood pets?

Yes! We had a mini-daschund named Pixie who was so full of love. I had a hamster named Bowie. My brother Ross used to keep some baby painted turtles that would hatch every year in our backyard, those were pretty cool. When I was 12 I really wanted a pair of love birds, still kind of do.

Allison Heishman (Director)

Allison Heishman (Director)